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Stink Bugs for Dummies

Stink Bugs – What You Need To Know Stink bugs can be a definite pest problem in PA and NJ. When you call Nationwide pest control company for stink bugs, knowing a little bit of information will helRead more...
stink bug

Wolf Spiders – They aren’t so bad.

Wolf spiders are found all over the world and whether you like it or not they can be your best pest treatment around your house. Wolf spiders will attack any bugs that might be around your house and wRead more...
wolf spider

Getting Rid Of Household Bugs

Your house is for you and your family.  It’s never supposed to be for bugs.  If you notice these little pests in your home, you should drive them away as early as today. There are many kinds of hoRead more...
happy home

Garden Pest Control Tips: Driving those Bugs Away!

For most people, gardening is one good way to eliminate stress and boredom.   In fact in the UK, they have this program for depressed people wherein the patients are taught to do gardening and landsRead more...

Bed Bugs in Princeton

Many Princeton area homes and businesses have been plagued with bed bugs in the last year.  Increased international travel as well as importing of goods has significantly increased the amount of bedRead more...
Bedbugs in various life stages

Bed bugs in Levittown

The number of bed bug calls from Levittown has been steadily increasing since August 2010. A recent survey showed that 1 in 5 Americans has either experienced bed bugs themselves, or knows someone whoRead more...

Bedbugs? We’ll Get Rid Of Them!

So how do you get bedbugs out of your home? The simplest answer is to have a free inspection by Nation-Wide Pest Control licensed pest control technicians. We will give your home or business for a freRead more...

Identifying Termites and Ants

You've found insects swarming in or around your home. But how do you know if they are flying carpenter ants or swarming termites? Short of being an entomologists, they are difficult to tell apart. NaRead more...
termites or ants - how to tell the difference

Wildlife Removal and Control

Having a raccoon or squirrel sharing your home may seem cute to many, however the potential for your or your loved ones getting bitten or contracting diseases including rabies is a serious reality. TRead more...
raccoon trapped in a cage

Nation-Wide’s Home Protection Plan

Our Home Protection Plan is an environmentally responsible program designed to solve your pest problems throughout the year with one quick call to 1-800-2-TERMITE. Here's how it works: Four times a yeRead more...

Termite Solutions

Termites damage more homes each year than hurricanes, fires and tornadoes combined. Nation-Wide specializes in removing and preventing termite damage to your home. Nation-Wide maintains a variety of cRead more...
swarming termites

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants get their name because they excavate wood in order to build their nests. They play an important and beneficial role in breaking down rotting wood debris in our forests. It is only when Read more...
carpenter ant

Tick Management

Ticks can pose a threat to your loved ones and animals but through planning and prevention can be avoided. Our treatment strategy for ticks begins with an inspection of the surrounding habitat and takRead more...
tick management

Termite Damage Repair Services

Nation-Wide also offers complete structural repair and remodeling services to get your home back in good-as-new shape once the pests have been removed. Whether it's repairing a wall after termites havRead more...
Termite and other insect damage repairs

Nation-Wide Pest Control & Wildlife Removal

Whether you have termites, ants, stink bugs, lady bugs, mosquitoes, or other insects and rodents in or around your home, Nation-Wide Pest Control has over 50 years experience with pest control, wildlife removal and exterminator services. Our success with pest control, termite and ant extermination, and wildlife removal is derived from the hands of professional employees; employees with part ownership of the business. Contact us today and we will send one of our technicians to your house and identify your pests for free and offer a solution with no further obligation. Professional ant and termite extermination requires safe, environmentally friendly practices to rid your pests effectively. Our family owned and operated business is local to the greater Bucks and Eastern Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania as well as Mercer, Burlington, Hunterdon, and Camden counties in New Jersey. Be sure to ask about our year-round Home Protection Plan! Our Home Protection Plan is an environmentally responsible program designed to solve your pest problems throughout the year with one quick call to 1-800-2-TERMITE